I'm kind of curious as to how many people like when a band plays in between songs. What I mean is when bands will be playing something while the singer talks, usually just a drumbeat and a bassline, which helps to kind of keep the energy going from the last song. My question is, do you like when bands do that live, or do you prefer they don't?

Edit: As much as I want to know about this topic, let's just make this thread about everything bands do in the transitions.
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I like it when the band tells stories about their time in 'Nam between songs. Especially when they have a flashback in the middle of the songs because of the stories, and start screaming jibberish about getting to cover and crap.

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I like bands who tell jokes onstage.

Me too!
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depends on the songs it's inbetween
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I like the way The Used do it if you've seen them... just like ambient sounds from the bass. Lots of the time it sounds stupid though :/
A band has to do something between songs or just go into the next song. If there's silence or just talking, it loses energy and seems a bit awkward.
I like when bands eat on stage. Dunno why. It's funny to watch.
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blink 182 has some damn good banter in between songs
Yeah; they were hilarious when I saw them in August.
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blink 182 has some damn good banter in between songs


me and my friend memorized the banter from TMTaTS and recited it every day in like 7th grade
i dont like when they sit there and talk for ten minutes straight
doesnt bother me if they introduce the song
I find that Metallica does a pretty good job at transitions.
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Never seen them live, but on Gallop Meets the Earth (Protest the Hero's live album) Rody will just talk forever and then all of a sudden they'll go straight into a song. I saw In Flames a couple weeks ago, they interacted with the crowd a lot, and i really like that.
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Underoath can keep a set going between songs, i don't its ever silent if they're on stage.
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blink 182 has some damn good banter in between songs

Everyone says this but I saw them at the garden and all there was was Tom asking Mark to hold him, asking everyone to flip off Travis, and saying that Mark is the best bassist ever. I didn't laugh.

Edit: Now NOFX, they're funny on stage.
Hendrix at Woodstock before Isabella is perhaps the greatest onstage banter/monologue I've ever heard. Here's the middle chunk of it:

"I’d like to do this song dedicated to maybe a soldier in the army, singing about his old lady that he dreams about and humping a machine gun instead. Or it could be…could be a cat trying to fall in love with that girl, maybe, but a little too scared. That’s where the problems come from sometimes, isn’t it? I mean, the cat is really insecure a little bit so they call girls groupies and they call girls this. And they call passive people hippies and blah blah woof woof all down the line. That’s because they ****ing, not in LOVE, man. That’s what’s happening."
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Edit: Now NOFX, they're funny on stage.

yeah man, fat mike is hilarious on stage!! They did this song of one liners, with a sax riff at the end, it was great. The worst ive seen is Anti-Flag. They just stand there and yell at the crowd how we are all being oppresed. I timed 10 minutes between songs once. it was rediculous.
There's this guy we saw a few months ago, Dave Alvin, he is amazing but there's a 90% chance you haven't heard of him, who was hilarious. He didn't need anything going between songs because the laughter filled up the space, well that and the fact that he told one short story then it's back to the music.
Foo Fighters are pretty awesome when it comes to talking between songs. Especially if you throw Mentos at them before they play Big Me and get him to tell the candy story.
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Jokes are cool.

Little instrumental bridges combining 2 songs is cool too.

Pour examplar:

The transition in this ("Song for Dan Treacy" into "4th Dimensional Transition", by MGMT) is just pure epic.
George Fisher can be pretty funny (whether on purpose or not) between songs.. When I saw Slayer there seemed to be very little in between songs but I may just not have been paying attention.
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I like bands who tell jokes onstage.


Blink-182 and Bowling for Soup both kick ass at this.
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