Has anyone ever heard of them?

i didnt until my band played a show with them and thay are amazing!
they have some very original guitar riffs.

You should check them out.
I don't like grapes, I like brownies.
Yea man, there one of my favorites.
There so sick, and yea, there sound is really unique.
Im so jealous you got to play with them.
They were so good live!

we had to use there equipment because my amp broke on the way there.

They were really cool guys.
And i got a discount on a tshirt that they had
I don't like grapes, I like brownies.
They played here in my town.. not my cup of tea. The vocalist uses so many effects on their album much like the other 85 bands that sound the same.
They are my favorite band. Saw em last night. They blew away every other band there, seriously. Some amazing performers, and very talented. Alot more talented then all those other "scene" bands. If you don't believe me, go to one of their shows. The way they intertwine their guitar riffs and solos with the keyboards are amazing, and they don't chug the whole time like other metalcore bands.