Hey guys.

I'm planning on visiting the seattle area in about a week, and I live in South Carolina.

The farthest west i've been is ohio, and I was curious if there were any "Must-do-activities" From those in the area?

Region specific food is great (i.e. SC has 'Southern cooking' what does west coast have?) And any other things would be great.

Thanks in advance
Check out the experience music project its a huge music museum in downtown seattle. Another great place to visit is Pikes Place market but Im not too sure if the market is a seasonal thing or not. And food wise go to a place that has FRESH seafood, personally I don't know of any good restaurants but as a resident of the Pacific Northwest any fresh seafood is good seafood. That's just about all I can tell you
Pikes Place Market, The Crab Pot is a pretty popular place to eat.

The EMP (Experience Music Project) is pretty cool as well.

Go visit Jimi Hendrix's grave in Renton.

Edit: The Underground Tour is interesting if you're into that sort of thing.
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walk on the seafron its amazing, there is a cool curio shop not far from ivars. got a ****in mummy in there. EMP is cool, the whol seattle center is pretty cool, Pike place is open year round just dont go out at night
go to the west coast ( la push o ocean shores) and rent some surf gear

take a hike in the rain forest on the olympic peninsula.
get some salmon in ya.
Go up to Forks and see the Cullens!
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I know this has been said already, but go to the Experience Music Project. Its pretty cool, and worth the money.
Seattle ay. Eat Salmon, visit Pike Place Market, Space Needle, EMP, wander through Fremont, have a ball!

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ive lived bout 40 mins outside Seattle all my life. music: El Corazon, my favorite venue. its not too big not too small

EMP: ok, ive never been in the whole museum but i have been in the concert hall. ur gonna fly into town and say WTF. i smoke a lil weed and can appreciate a little abstract art, but i dont care how stoned u are, there is no justification for this pile of **** to look at from the outside. sometimes u just wanna say to people "ur money went where?".


if ur a tourist, go to Pike Place Market. u will see men throwing fish. this is the thing that gets shown on national TV whenever theres a football game here. Seattle Center (downtown) is where all the tourist things are like the EMP, Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, Pike Place.

ok here are my Must Sees, touristy but harder to find:

The Troll Under the Bridge

Jimi Hendrix

and my favorite, if u dont click any other links CLICK THIS. The Gum Wall


few of mine are up there.