have you ever wanted to cry so bad but couldn't
hoping a vagrant feeling could let you go,
but wouldn't,

like wishing for a demon that could scare you damn near death,
as you've lived your life so lifelessly and you long to draw real breath,

like you've come to fear the downpour from the hollows of your cheeks,
and the bitterness those tears have turned, in all of those guilty weeks,

your heart daren't speak

not a single beat.

and then it explodes,
ignited by all your despite,
blistering from your eyes,
and melting your nose to the bridge,
your lips to crackling smoldering charcoal,
and burning a hole,
right through your soul.

the silence daren't speak,

as your body hits the floor,

not a single beat.

and your left wishing for a demon, your angels long since fled,
would you sill wish to cry, if it would leave you dead

in a heartbeat?
Once We Were Anarchists
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