Well it's that time of year again to go get the piss scared outta you. Where have you guys gone/going this year?

Only ones around me are Netherworld and 13 Stories. I'm going to Netherworld tomorrow but none of my friends want to go to 13 Stories because of live animals.

So share stories of this year's or past years haunted house adventures.
Screamers around Niagara falls. as a matter of fact, the whole Clifton Hill street has a **** load of haunted houses. Screamers is by FAR the scariest though
you live near Netherworld? Isn't that place supposed to be god awful scary?

I live near Eastern State Penn. , Bates Motel, Sleepy Hollow, Jason's Woods. Im sure if you know any of these you can guess where I am... or if you can read what is slightly to the left of this.
I'm not sure if I'm going to any of them though.
Last year me and my best friend went to one of the two in our town with his gf and another friend of ours. Scary as hell, but the most fun I had was when my best friend and I would go ahead or drop back a bit then sneak up on them. I got really close to pissing myself though when one guy cornered me and when my friends started calling out my name because they didn't know where I was this creepy guy with a machete started saying my name. Our plan for this year is to invite a **** load of people, and hit both haunted houses.
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Cedar Point has Halloweekends, but that isn't really a haunted house type thing.
guy jumped out at me once at a haunted house. I punched him in the face and broke his nose. I don't go to haunted houses anymore.
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Screamers around Niagara falls. as a matter of fact, the whole Clifton Hill street has a **** load of haunted houses. Screamers is by FAR the scariest though

Lucky bastard. I have heard of that place. There is no haunted houses or attractions here
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I've already been to the 13th Gate this year, and I am going to the very famous House of Shock in New Orleans next weekend.
Im basing my trick-or-treating off a Megans Law map. I plan on only visiting sexual predators this year in hopes I get one to "trick my treat"
Not really a haunted house but:

I was at one of those walkthru ones at Universal Studios I think, and I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole walk because there was an Asian guy in front of me (college student I guess) who would (purposely) scream really high pitched whenever something jumped out at him

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you live near Netherworld? Isn't that place supposed to be god awful scary?

Yeah it's rated like one of the top 3 scariest houses in America. I don't know if watching videos on Youtube about it are making this any easier for me. But I did it when I was like 14 so I think I can do it now.


Travel Channels special on it. If by some chance someone in Atlanta is going tomorrow, hit me up. I'd love to go through with a UGer (who wouldn't mind my girly screams)
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I'll probably be going to some in a week or two. Kansas City has quite a few pretty good ones. The Edge of Hell and The Beast are old favorites.

I'd like to take a real haunted tour, though. I think it would be intense.
My friend and I got stuck, in a pitch black house, with a ton of people. Mind you, there were quite a number of African-Americans there, and if you know the racial stereotype of this particular culture, "yelling at the movie screen", it was that, except they were commentating on themselves and us.




Yes, this is an accurate portrayal.
You guys are lucky. No dressing up, trick or treating, parties, or haunted houses for me this year
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There aren't that many scary places in my area. There are a few haunted house things... maybe I'll check those out.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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Anyone know a good one around Maryland/DC?

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