pretty much, im trying to figure out what major i should purue when i go to college next year. i would do a music businness major, but the only school around where i am with that it too expensive, and i dont wanna go out of state.

so i kinda want to work at a record label, if possible, or do somethng with the promotions of tours and what not.

so do you think a major in communications, sepcializing in promotions and advertising is suitable?
My old soccer coach had a major in communications. He's now a soccer coach...and lives with his mom...and he's 27
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Who's in a bunker?
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business/comm or management/comm would work out alright, while still letting you do something in the music industry if the opportunity arises.
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k, so then what should i major in, if i want to do any of the following:
work at record label
work at radio station
work at a promotions for bands company (probs small, local.)
idk what type of job this would be, but being like the advertising guy for big tours (warped, mayhem, **** like that) would be cool. (hard to get, yes i know.)

ya, i was thinking doing something with management/marketing as well.
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im an audio production major. its in the school of media arts and studies here at ohio university. its a communication major. ill have a minor in music. basicly we look at the history of the media world, learn to analyze content and improve on making our own content, work with protools and such, learn recording techniques, build up a little profile, skill and experience with local media affiliates with the school and classes we have, and then look for bigger internships and graduate, go out and find projects on our own. ill be able to run live sound, provide sounds for commercials or films, albums, work in radio. and troubleshoot and fix/make all the equipment in these fields, mics, cables, guitars, antennas, amplifiers, preamps, basic electronic equipment, etc. you get an understanding of what sound is and how to capture it and have content. you might look for something similar or check out Ohio university, its program is legit. in giving advice part of me would suggest just going out to a media saturated city and bust your ass and try to get experience and knowledge, but ive gotten a lot out of college. im in a whole different can do mindset and i feel like ive learned from some of the best. either way, if you really want it, dive in, make it apart of your life and never look back. if youre really serious and want some good readings hit me up. best wishes.
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My old soccer coach had a major in communications. He's now a soccer coach...and lives with his mom...and he's 27

haha, most business or communications major work **** jobs that require a high school diploma. scientist and engineering is where the money is at, also those ****ing economists and accountants make good money which is bull**** cause i work my ****ing ass of for four years in engineering while those ***s go out and party all the time.
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okay well i dont know what to do then. marketing and business i guess? dammit im only 17 idk wth i wanna do.
Many people that study communication don't have the drive to get something better out of it, it's an easy way out for a lot of people.

I'm going to start my degree in audiovisual communication here in spain, then again, I'm also writing scripts on my own and I'm going to try and get into film school once I'm finished the degree.