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I just had some quick questions regarding recording acoustic guitar, and/or vocals. I have a friend I'm recording a few songs for to get some practice recording acoustic guitar & vocals. Although I had never attempted either before yesterday, I was surprised to get better results than I was expecting. I seem to have a hell of a lot less trouble getting a decent acoustic guitar recording than getting a good dirty electric guitar recording.

Basically, What I was wondering were some general guidelines/things to try with this type of stuff. Is it generally better to record the guitar and vocals seperately like you would with electric guitar/drum/bass tracks? or can you get away with doing it all at once? Also, what I'm really curious about mainly, is how many guitar tracks I should record, and how to pan them. I'm thinking about recording some kind of instrumental type thing w/a melody over an arpeggio or chord progression, so any tips are welcome!

Kudos to anyone who would also care to give me some compressor/EQ guidelines
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well it really depends on the style if ur recording it straight and not gonna edit it u could do both at the same time as long as theres not too much bleed but i would do it separate what mics are you using to record will help for how to eq and id use slight compression on the vocals so they dont spike some times or go to low at others so more as a limiter than a compressor
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Your lucky. Since it is just vocals and acoustic guitar, you'll have more room and time to experiment. When I do guitar and vocal songs I'll record everything at once. With guitar, I'll mic it and record DI. I record my own vocals with a 57, but only because it has a narrow pickup pattern and will take care of some guitar bleed. Then I'll go back later and maybe double the lead vocals, add harmonies, double rhythm guitar, add leads, etc. As far as panning, I pan oppositely, but not too wide. I like to get a good stereo image, but making it sound like one huge guitar. Almost Phil Spector-ish with his wall of sound.

Every circumstance is different and requires its own special attention. You'll figure out a good system after a couple recordings. Like I said, experiment!!