Hey UG,
I've just decided to stay in CA for a little while ( I was here on vacation with relatives ), and am going to Canada afterwards. The thing is, I lived in Denmark before, and left my guitar stuff over there.

So I need to pick up a new electric guitar, and I'm going to go used, as small scratches and the like don't bother me. I'm checkin out craiglist and ebay (would prefer if I could find something local, I'm in Newport Beach BTW), and have found some nice little fishies already.

I had a Carvin superstrat FR guitar for a while - I played that exclusively for two years, aside from some acoustic dabblings. Liked that one, but I grew to hate the FR. Couple of months ago, I got a Epiphone Custom LP, and despite some electronic problems (scratchy sounds when changing pickups, and occasionally on random), I REALLY liked it - perfect sound, played very well, no darned-to-heck FR!

Anyway, I've been considering a Schecter C-1 Classic, since they're really really really pretty, and seem similar to a LP soundwise, IMO. A little "harder" pick-ups, maybe? I'm a classic rock guy at heart, but I enjoy some metal, so nothing on the C-1 turns me off.

I've also considered a nice Fender, as I played an American while I was in school, and it sounded nice. And I played a HSS Deluxe recently that sounded incredible (a little pricey though.) The cool thing about a Fender is that it would cover new tonal ground for me, once I got it reunited with the rest of my gear.

This is kind of the wrong forum, but I'm gonna be getting some kind of cheaper 5W tube amp, as I don't need anything louder, and I've wanted one of those for a while. (I have a Fulltone OCD pedal to use with it, only piece of gear I brought besides picks and a capo.)

Thanks for reading, if you did, and if you didn't:

TLR - I'm starting a new gear collection in a different place, what would you recommend?
MIM strats and teles are always great! and cheap used too. whats your price range?

EDIT: "always great" as in when you play them and find a good one
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My ideal range, what I can "allow" myself to spend, is 400-600$. But, I have a weekly income of 150$, and am looking for another job, so that could change.
I would buy something which already has good pickups, then you don't have more costs on it.

Perhaps Jackson or Ibanez with duncans?
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I have a GC close by, so I can always try out Jackson - but my Carvin is VERY similar to an Ibanez, and also, most Ibanez electrics have a floating bridge, which is something I don't want. Don't use the whammy most of the time, it makes tuning and re-stringing a pain, and while bending, you can't play other notes without them going flat, unless you can spare a finger to bend them a little too..
There are plenty of ibby's out there without a floating trem man.
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Fair enough, but when I think Ibanez, I think superstrat shape with a FR equivalent. And I think that goes for most people.
Quote by Harwood
Fair enough, but when I think Ibanez, I think superstrat shape with a FR equivalent. And I think that goes for most people.

I don't, I think of there old Lawsuit Gibby copies
Contradicted by two posts and a nice pic - I'll take that back then.

But all the ibanezes - ibanezi? - I've seen people use, in person, have been superstrats. And I think that might be the image they're going for right now.