So I have been looking at this thing for a very very long time, it's pretty much the perfect effect pedal for me, more useful then the ME70, as I have a loop pedal and thats pretty much the only upgrade, is the looper in the ME70 :p

Anyways, I was in my local music shop today and saw it used so I sold them my RP200a, and bought it for $150.

Problem is the pedal doesn't work.

It works, it controls the volume when the pedal is off, the problem is to turn the pedal on (to get wah, whammy, octaver, etc) you have to push down on the pedal while it's already down. It doesn't turn on. So pretty much my ME50 doesn't have wah or anything, just a volume pedal - I took it apart and everything looks normal - What could be the problem?
Oh I've reefed on the things, I got down and used my hands to compress it as hard as possible still no go.
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If you look in the ME-50's manual there is something about setting the amount of pressure to activate the expression pedal. I would tell you what it was but my manual is several states away.

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I got the manual online from some website, it doesn't say anything other then you have to press it down when it's already down.

And I can't take it back I bought it used.
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Any more tips or advice on what I could do?

I honestly think it's a bit shitty that they would sell someone a defunct pedal; you should still go back and ask about it. If they refuse to be any help, find another shop to go to from now on.
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Here's an extract from the manual - it helped me, so it should help you too

Although the ME-50’s expression pedal has been set for
optimum operation at the factory, extended use and the
operating environment can result in the pedal going out of
If you encounter problems such as being unable to switch the
PEDAL MODE SW on or off or fully cut off the sound with
the volume pedal, you can use the following procedure to
readjust the pedal.
When you operate the expression pedal, please be
careful not to get your fingers pinched between the
movable part and the panel.
In households with small children, an adult should
provide supervision until the child is capable of
following all the rules essential for the safe
operation of the unit.
1. While simultaneously pressing BANK [ ] and
[WRITE], turn on the power.
“P” appears in the Display, then changes to “U.”
2. Press the heel of the expression pedal to the base, press
“d” appears in the Display.
3. Press the toe of the expression pedal to the base, press
“5” appears in the Display.
4. Adjust the PEDAL MODE SW.
Press BANK [ ] [ ] to set the value (1–9).
The smaller the value, the lighter is the depression force
needed to switch the pedal on or off.
5. Press [WRITE].
Save the settings in memory, then return to Manual
* If the TUNING indicator flashes during steps 2 and 3, press
the pedal again, then press [WRITE].
I have the same problem with mine, I followed the manual and maybe I'm just not understanding something or maybe it doesn't work but still nothing.