I've played guitar for a couple years now, all on a Squier Bullet, so Its definitely time to upgrade.

I just don't know how to know if a guitar is good, they're all over CL and I found a couple that look good but I really cant answer like these:
http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/msg/1420635219.html ( on the gretsch they said they would take 300 )


Any other idea on how I can find a decent guitar for some punk to metal to alt rock ish type stuff?
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The tremonti is a half decent guitar. As to knowing if a guitar is good, you can always use the review section on this site.
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Play it for a while, and if you feel a tingling in your pants, buy the guitar.
that tremonti is definitely a good deal! i'd grab that in an instant. play it first, but i really like the SE guitars.
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get the tremonti
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