I was playing my friends acoustic and I noticed one of the notes buzzing. Usually buzzing is cause of the frets, but i found other notes that were buzzing all over the guitar. Then I realized they are all the B note. So, is this unfixable? because clearly something about the vibrations of the B note do not resonate with the guitar body. Thats my diagnostic, but I dont know if there's anything to be done.
Is it the string buzzing or just buzzing in general. I could be something as simple as a loose bit of string on the headstock reasonating with the B frequency, then all you have to do is move it away from what its buzzing against.
You know the frequency that causes the rattle, now you need to find out what and where the rattle is.
Could be loose strut or any glue joint, fret rattle (low action, improper neck relief, low fret/s, worn nut slot, loose machines, etc the list goes on..)
Is it a normal buzzing? My old chinese box (some unbranded red light market guitar lol) used to rattle when i played the open g and most of the 4th frets, i think it was 4th on all bar the b string. anyway, it was something about the vibration and the space around the truss rod, it was crappy and the truss rod vibrated.

anyway- What kind of buss is it? Heavily played string w/ low action buzz? too far back on the fret buzz? Loose fitting tuners?
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