taco tuesday by fingersmoran you can find him really easy on youtube

polus theres tab for it here.
no sir away a papaya war is on
The chain by fleetwood mac
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Primus is always going to be good for this. 'Too many puppies' uses double stops and slapping.


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I happen to enjoy every mankiss from shinhoman.
Also Too many puppies is easy to learn.

The awakening is just one of my favourites. If you can find the original version by the Reddings, its a good listen as well. Still can't nail it all the way through, though.

Another favorite is "Golden Boy" off of the Brown Album (Primus). Not hard but hard to lock in the pocket.
Bass and drums in yo face by fingersmoran is a good one, but it seems extremely hard to learn.

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Any thing from mudvayne.... their bassist is ridiculous

although i cant think of any songs that he slaps and uses chords(he mostly sticks to octaves)
Stu Hamm, maybe? A lot of his stuff uses tapping as well, but the other two are there.
Victor Wooten stuff in general. If you want to play stuff with about every technique in one song, thats the way to go.

And if your like me and your heart is in classical music, then victor wooten is even better.