Near mint, plays perfect. Slight scuffing here or there, no tears, no problems, all channels, controls, switches, etc. function as new. Nice options, reverb, FX loop (series).

Gain channel is too Brootz for my taste, but gets plenty loud! Clean channel is nice enough, plays nice with pedals (until the volume gets painful, at least).

Good reverb, but stops short of Fendery-surf territory.

4 button footswitch, all cables included.

$150 picked up, I will split UPS shipping costs (ie, if shipping is $50, then $175 shipped).

Would gladly deliver in the Chicago-land area.

I'm pretty open for trades, I like pedals, but mostly high end.
Also looking for interesting speakers, 12", 8 or 16 ohm.
Also looking for pickups, either high end single coils or PAF style HB's.