So I've been looking at all of the lessons around for speed playing and the prevailing idea on any kind of speed playing is more practice = better playing. I'm not here to dispute that logic. What I am wondering is if me learning one sweep arpeggio cleanly will automatically make learning other sweeps easier. Or if increasing my speed by knowing one solo really well with increase my speed when learning other solos or improvising. I feel like if its muscle memory then I will only ever be fast at one specific song, so is practice making me better in general or just at the specific song?
i learned the solo for "so this is love" by van halen (check it out). there were fast, almost shred-like parts, and the skills from that seemed to have carries over to help me learn the solo from "beast and the harlot" so yea learning skills from one thing will definetly carry over to another song
i hope that answers your question
Yep, it's all interconnected. Every solo uses some combination of a bunch of core skills. You improve the core skills, and everything improves.