Poll: What software you are using, when working with music on your computer?

Because I've switched on a Linux Box.1 year ago,
there's not so much variety of software to use.
When I'm writing TABs I'm using TuxGuitar and for
audio, video recording / editing there's Audacity.
But probably there are more programs...

So: What software you are using,
when working with music on your computer?
Digital Performer 6 for recording, Garageband with Vanguard AU for synth.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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Logic Express: DAW
Sibelius 6: composing, arranging, orchestration, and all other notation purposes.
NI Kontakt 3: general sampling, sample editing and production, building sound sets
NI Akoustik Piano: solely for piano simulation and MIDI patching.
NI Guitar Rig: for guitar amplification and DSP patching. I don't even use a real amp anymore.
iZotope Ozone 4: for mastering.
Reason 4: ReWired into Logic for its sound libraries.

Sound Libraries:
London Solo Strings
Sibelius Essentials
Akoustik Piano
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra

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For pure MIDI, I have an ancient 16bit sequencer called Evolution Lite. For better sounds and sequenced .wav files its Fruity Loops and for track recording, Audacity. I have Reaper around somewhere but never got comfortable with it yet.
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Mixcraft 4, Guitar Pro 5, Audacity.
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Ableton Live 8.0.4
Wonderful program.

That's for making music, to listen to music i use foobar2000
Guitumble Pro 5 for tabs and writing
Krystal audio engine for recording
Line 6 POD farm for guitar tones and effects
Windows media player to listen to it
Goldwave to add effects to recorded sound
Synthfont for soundfonts
Ezdrummer Drumkit From Hell for drum samples
Crystal soft synth for synths, and various other, more specific VST instruments and fre soundfonts from the interknobs
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At my band's practice studio we use Garageband, a Line 6 POD, Fruity Loops, and sometimes Audacity for stuff. Our synth guy uses Reason.
Guitar Pro and Adobe Audition (brilliant program).

I use my friend's Guitar Rig sometimes, but i'm not a big fan of it.
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