guys I've playing for 3months now and I'm like stuck forever with these open chords.

I can play A,C,D,E,F,G(with ring finger and also with pinky,handy when changing between C and G,if someone wants to know lol):major,minor and 7th.

Stupid question maybe but I don't really know when I should move on to barre chords,power chords,....because I want to really be good at changing between those open chords first.

Now when I practice I change between them,sometimes an 1or 2hours straight,but I feel I'm going nowhere with this.
Try learning songs. If you need to learn a chord to finish the song, do it. Make sure you change the genre you learn songs from on a regular basis, to keep things fresh.

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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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The keyway I usually suggest is the F chord. Make the shape as usual but with the 5th string held at 3rd fret. Now change your pointer finger to a barre across the first fret. Barre chord! Next is to move that shape to different frets and work out the chords. Simple, eh?
Next try the same thing with the A chord shape. Move it up two frets and barre across at the second fret (you may need to get used to using the different fingers). Hey presto! You have that nasty B chord nailed. The same can be done with a D shape.
Getting your fingers around the minors, sevenths etc just takes time and lots of practice.
Don't worry about power chords yet. Get the full chords right first or the simpler power chords will spoil you and develop a bad restriction in your playing. I found that out the hard way.
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Thanks for your advice both of you guys.

I totally agree with Lurcher on the power chords.People keep telling me learn them so you can play songs(punk) but I think it's best to be very good at basic and barre chords and then move on.
Start learning Barre Chords now power chords are easy if you can do open and Barre Chords
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