My turn at last. Hopefully I'll break the metal forum record of having the longest mix ever. This mix will be featuring funeral doom metal which manages to stay interesting, sludge with balls unlike all this progressive shit people rave about, death metal the way its supposed to sound and black metal WITH BALLS.


Annex Wasteland - The Arm and Sword of a Bastard God
I decided to start off the mix with some sludgey goodness. This particular track was off the Coffins and Bastard God split which definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in tearing your face off with a sledgehammer type of doom.

Under The Capricorn Sky - Part I Bosque
Another song from a split. This split was with Senthil and for those who are into screwed up metal I recommend this split. The Premeditation/Under The Capricorn Sky is one of the darkest releases I've ever heard with Bosque creating beautiful melodies under the tortured vocals and Senthil choking themselves with chains.

Solicide and the Dawning of the Moonkult - Worship
What do you do when you hate the world and everyone? Well, the only logical thing to do is start a funeral doom band. That's what Fucked up Mad Max did and he created one of the greatest Funeral Doom bands to ever exist. Ever. And this is my favourite song by them.

This is the part where I get lazy

Skin Coat - Khanate
Not very unknown with Steve O'Malley from Sunn O))) being the guitarist in this band. He plays messed up music with Alan Dubin who has pretty unique vocals

The End Result Of 11 Days in The Mental Hospital - His Hero Is Gone
Crusty sludge with a larger emphasis on the hardcore side. Dark, gritty and angry music. Something hardcore bands seem to excel at making.

Ikuinen Piina - Rippikoulu
Not doom metal but umm, it gets slower at times? Anyway, one of the rare forgotten gems of death metal. Listen to it. Believe me, you will not be disappoint.

Deathscape - Woebegone Obscured
It was either this or Catacombs. The average file size for the Catacombs album was 25mb so it got rejected. So an honourable mention goes to Catacombs. Anyway, it's not like Woebegone Obscured is any worse. The atmosphere from this band is amazing with beautiful melodies mixed with brutal vocals and riffage.

I was Welcome Only by Death - Dodsferd
Remember when I said black metal with BALLS? This is it. Straight up melancholic BM without those annoying falsetto screeches with depressing atmosphere to the sound.

Thank you for listening

OCT 23 \Powerslave/
OCT 30 bootyguard
NOV 06 The Virtuoso
NOV 13 AnnihiSlateR
NOV 20 Scout1011
NOV 27 vanshaya
DEC 04 MoogleRancha
DEC 11 eazy-c
DEC 18 woodenbandman
Christmas Day Special Cianyx
New Years Day Special Psychopathology
Uneventful JAN 8 piratemetalhead
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Listening to the first track now, I rather like it
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Octover is looking to be a good month for these.

I'll give it a definitive listen tonight for sure.
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Looks like a great list, Cianyx. I haven't listened to more than half of the bands and I look forward to doing so, right when I finish my nightly black metal ritual/listening
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I had my harddrive totally wiped. I don't know if I can do the radio I wanted. Granted if I can get back some of the lost material I'll be able to whip up atleast a semi-decent radio...
IF The Kreator does one, ok.

Dude, seriously awesome list. All stuff I haven't heard, void Dodsferd. Will edit in what I think of each song

EDIT: I forgot what the first two sounded like...but I remember liking Bosque more.

Worship are absolutely gloomy and awesome. I will admit to that. Enjoying them, remind me of some really old school death metal vocals...with doom.

Khanate had some really great shrieks. Reminded me of a higher pitched Chuck Schuldiner. Good stuff.

His Hero is Gone was ok. I enjoyed them for the sludginess, always figured you to be a sludgy fellow. Not in the mood for this stuff tonight but I still enjoyed it regardless

AH. Now this Ikuinen is amazing. This is what my mood is meant for tonight. Awesome vocals, everything played out perfectly. My first or second favourite. I enjoyed how ominous it was, and when it got faster I enjoyed it even more.

Deathscape or Woebegone Obscured was immediately sweet. I liked it thoroughly, and it was well worth the listen. Every single last bit of it.

and of course Dodsferd...I liked them

Good list to say the least
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@severed: Glad to see you enjoyed it. I made a mistake The band name is Rippikoulu. The song is Ikuinen Piina. Also, the band is Woebegone Obscured.
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Added. The list seems to be picking up again
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Added. The list seems to be picking up again

Other planes lie beyond the reach
Of normal sense and common roads
But they are no less real
Than what we see or touch or feel

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