Man I've forgotten so many good licks and lyrics that I've come up with randomly. It seems like they are here then gone as quickly as they came. anyone have any good methods for commiting a certain peice to memory? Music or lyrics I've done it with both.
Either jot it down or record it. Doesn't have to be a pristine recording, I just put my phone in front of my amp and hit record. Also, make a list of riffs/licks you make and name them. Write the names down and a quick reminder of what it is (key, frets, etc) and name the recording in conjunction with the list. A man can never have too many lists.
Time is a great teacher. Unfortunatly, it kills all of its pupils.
Ahh ok thanks, but writing doesn't seem to help much atleast not with lyrics but for some reason it does with music, kinda weird.
My only advice is that you should never think you'll remember the riff or line.

You never do.

I'velost many things that pop in my head when I'm falling asleep, thinking I'll write it down when I wake up. Keep a notebook handy.
my best writing comes from absolute bordom and angry or any feeling coming out. Some come out and im like i gotta write that down then bamm. What was i writing? Then i struggle to remember lol.
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