.....are there any good one-guitarist Hard rock/heavy metal bands i should know about?
we're a one guitarist band so im kinda trying to draw inspiration from how similar bands organise their song structure and sound like
Led Zeppelin.

And that is all you need to know.
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Black Sabbath?
Dream Theater?
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Black Sabbath?
Dream Theater?

Dream Theater's a hard sell because they have a keyboardist, one who's (IMO) is better than the guitarist.

Look at Tool!
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thanks guys! i knew about some of these...but i was thinking like...newer bands other than classic heavy metal and the like
i didnt know about some of them though,gonna check them out
anything else?
oh and one or two recommended songs would be great!
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Lool! looks like it!

i checked all the bands and thats good stuff.....but they were all in the rock genre,none were really heavy as in guitar tone and stuff

so any more heavy bands with one guitarist??
Beneath The Massacre
NSV-era Cryptopsy
Behemoth (technically)
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