Black - 6 string - Superstrat style

£80 + £15 postage. If live in Glasgow then Pick up is welcome.

Seriously nice guitar I unfortunatly have to sell due to the lack of use I give it and it is a shame to see it go to waste when it can be used to its full by someone else that is actualy a guitar player!! I am a Bass player so I havnt been playing my electric guitar as much as I thought I would when I bought it.

It is a great sounding guitar and is almost in absolute mint condition apart from very very minor scratches on the back of the guitar which happens to all guitars (especialy black ones) caused by the belt on your jeans, or even if not wearing a belt, the buttons on your trousers etc will always cause this on all guitars so it cant really be avoided. Im sure i dont really need to include all this information as all guitarists will be aware of this anyway, but I thought I would still include everything because honesty is always the best thing.

There is a couple of dinks which I have taken pictures of as well as pictures of the whole guitar, but again are very very minor and are not seen by people looking on at the guitar. The scratches can only be seen if your eye ball is almost touching the guitar or by reflecting light to deliberatly show up any scrathes, but like I said there is not many scratches at all. Since I have taken the pictures, I have polished it up so no dust is on it now.

I have put a set of strings GHS guitar boomers, low set GB-low guitar strings. gauge 53-11, and have only used it a few times so the strings are as good as new. Currently tuned to drop C for the heavier sounds. I had smaller gauges on it before for standard tuning. All tunings sound great on this guitar. Perfect for both beginner and experienced guitarists.

This guitar retails at about £150 online. I saw this guitar in Retail shops in town charging £200 for it, so grab a bargain. Its in excellent condition, and you can get some great sounds from it. I used a line-6 pod which is awsome with this guitar, which made it sound exactly like Metallica's tones without having to spend £10,000 on a ESP, so it is really great for recording etc.

Here is a small descirption of the guitar specs:
The Stagg I400-BK 6-String Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerboard, Black. Amazing quality, double cutaway design with double humbucker tone for all levels of ability.
The Stagg I400-BK guitar offers a high standard of build quality and features. This 6-String, Heavy "IFR" electric guitar is perfect for all levels of electric guitar playing. Its features include 2 x Humbucker pickups, whammy bar, 3-way toggle Switch Pickup Selector, 1 x volume and 1 x tone control, hard maple fixed neck, abalone shell inlays and rosewood 24 fret fingerboard, all on a solid alder wood body.
The main features of the Stagg I400-BK include:

Amazing quality, double cutaway design with double humbucker tone for all levels of ability
2 x Humbucker pickups
1 x volume and 1 x tone control
3-way toggle Switch Pickup Selector
Solid alder wood body
Hard Maple / 648mm : 25 1/2 inch neck
Rosewood Fingerboard / 24 frets
Classic 'floyd rose' Style Tremolo Bridge
Diecast, Chrome Machine Heads
Since its comming up to Christmas, this will be an excellent present for someone that plays the guitar or wants to start playing. More than likely people will charge more for the guitars nearer Christmas since a lot of people 'panic buy' so get in early(ish) and grab a bargain while you still can.

Item can be picked up if you would rather, otherwise it would cost £15 to post. I will make sure it is fully safe for transit.

UK Only.

I havepictures of the guitar if needed so feel free to contact me and I will email you the pictures of the guitar, or if you need further information again feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks for looking.