Recently (20 minutes ago) decided that it was time to turn my Pyramid taiwanese crapocaster into something decent.

Im fine with the sanding and electronic parts of the rebuild, but im a bit unsure over the bridge.

It has a really terrible floating bridge a floyd RDSE chinese copy (couldnt even spell Rose) and i much prefer tune-o-matic bridges.


Would it be possible to fill the cavity left by the floating bridge with wood glued in, and then mount a tune-o-matic bridge?

Also would filling this cavity have any effect on tone,
and what would the tonal effect of doing it with resin be?
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you want to glue a piece of wood inside the hole of the floating bridge?
If you do so make sure it is the same type of wood as the rest of the body and get some decent resin glue for the job. Anyway i doubt it will stand the string tension. If you only have that guitar i think you shouldnt try the trick...
wouldnt you just prefer to block the bridge instead?
The best bet is fake wood, which is resin-based I believe. Use small amounts, and build it up. If the trem is routed to pull up, it'll probably take 4 or 5 layers of 'wood' to make it flat. As far as the mounting studs go, you'll want to cut a dowel to fit in there. The fake wood is strong, but the dowel has a grain pattern that will be a bit more stable once a bridge is installed.

Also, you'll want to apply a solid finish. They say the stuff stains like real wood, but that's a lie. Plus cheap wood really doesn't like being refinished, and the stain probably wouldn't be even anyway.

Installing a tune-o-matic isn't terribly difficult, but the intonation might go all wonky if you don't do it just right. If you've never done it before, a Fender-style hardtail would be a better choice. The saddles move farther, so it's a little more forgiving if it's not mounted it exactly the right place. My experience also tells me that even though a tune-o-matic is potentially more solid as far as staying in tune, an inexpensive hardtail stays in tune much better than an inexpensive TOM.

Overall, this project is definitely possible. Just remember to give your wood (heh heh) and your paint plenty of time to dry between coats.
Sounds like a good idea
So would a hardtail through body bridge be suitable?

Im specifically thinking of the bridge on the Billy Corgan signature strat
(American Strat Strings-Through-Body Hard Tail Bridge with Stainless Steel Saddles)

BUT i cant find that anywhere and im guessing it would be out of my price range\

any cheaper and widely avalible alternatives?
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