Poll: Burning Bunnies for fule good idea?
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Great Idea! Where do I send my bunny?
32 55%
14 24%
How dare they burn those cute lil bunny wabbits!
12 21%
Voters: 58.
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Sounds like a good idea.
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I say the other countries should hop to it and follow this example.

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but would Swedes pet an eagle?
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They're burning the dead rabbits, not the ones that are still alive.

or so you think.... :p
either way its bad - i dont know animals
Good idea. Better than just burying them, anyway.

Anywaym, as we burn dead humans, I find no reasonable argument whatsoever against burning dead rabbits.
burning dead rabbitts ..I guess I can deal with

but it says they killed 6000 wild bunnies last year, and 3000 this year. I mean..I guess at some point you've gotta do something about population, but it just doesnt sit well with me =[
On a unrelated note, China has also been having problems with over population.
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On a unrelated note, China has also been having problems with over population.

The government's doing their best to keep it down though.
If they're dead already... what's the harm?

Adolf Hitler approves.
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I don't really think they're going far enough. Bring on the live bunny burning.
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Maybe China can start burning orphans!!
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I love how some people are against this.

Considering that they are killed before burning I would say this is quite a good way to get rid of all these rabbits.

If this concept was used on all those toads in Australia, not as many people would care due to less cuteness.