i've heard that bc rich made really good guitars in the 80s, what could you compare them to today?
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miles above todays. todays guitars aren't made by b.c. rich anymore. in the early ninties the companys import line was bought out by Class Axe of new jersey. the bronze, platinum, all asian b.c. riches are low quality crap. in the eighties the guitars were great. if you can find a b.c. rich from the eighties i suggest going for it.
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Seems most guitars in the 80's were good, I may have to check out a BCR from that era!

All the ones now are really, just complete sh-t. I played a friends Warlock, I could have threw it at him for being so stupid as to buy one.
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Never cared for the Warlock shapes. But the Assasin and Gunslinger models from that time are top notch axes!
Which model exacly? BC Rich guitars can be very good or horrible, and back then remember the lowest series is the Platinum they didn't have a Bronze.