hey guys

Whenever i play alot of power chords together eg. playing "all the small things" i get a fair amount of pain in my fretting hand in my thumb and the inside palm of my hand...is there anything i could be doing wrong or do i just play through the pain?
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DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, play through the pain. You will cause long-term damage to your hand.

It might be Repetitive Strain Injury, guitarists get it a lot. I got it in my wrist, quite badly, a few months ago. Just try not to play, or play as little as possible until the pain goes away. That's all I did and I'm fine now.

Playing through the pain is plain stupid.
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Go to ur dr. Now.... I had the same thing in bolth hands and he said I had Capole tunnle, I got some wrist brases from him and I am all better now.
But do NOT play with pain!!!!
but its not constant pain...its only when i play lets say 2 minutes or more of constant power chords.....i think i might just be pressing too hard on the back of the neck??
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Only Playing Gears Of War 2 ATM
pressing to hard on the back of the neck? i guess its possible, i held on too tight on like a roller coaster once and idk had like the same type of pain.
You probably dont have any weird disease your thumb/palm just isnt used to the stress...

i used to get that all the time it will become less frequent the more you play/practice, but like everyone said dont play through the pain it'll make it worse you have to let it heal in between playing
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