Hello UG members! I really need your help.

I'm a guy who playing guitar at home and have few stage experience and also have few guitar friends.
Since this is 10th years of playing, I just found out that I'm a one-tone Johnny who is a noobie on getting great sound.

I have tried many times to get the sound which is played in the link below.


That Vox guy keeps playing the "Kak Kak" sound all along the audio clip.
I know how to create it. I think it's called left-hand muting technique with a hard right-hand attack.
If you cannot follow the link, go to:


Look for Night Train Demos and click at the last audio clip in the section.

If you still cannot follow the link, think about what Jonny Greenwood did in Creep but he used extra equipment on his right hand instead.
It sounds closest example which comes to my mind right now.

The problem is my guitars cannot give me that strong "Kak Kak" sound.
The other problem is; I don't know what is it called in English.
Since I'm not native English speaker, I don't know how to find on internet.

The questions I wanna ask are:

1. What is the sound called in English? (So I can find more info about it)
2. How to get the strong one? What factors are involved on getting it?
guitar, amps, effect or sound setting?

My equipments are:
1. Fernandes guitar (it give me a sound like Fender Strat with a little twang)
2. Cort (the very cheap one which I modified with local pickup manufacturer to get heavy metal sound)
3. Trace Elliot's Tramp guitar amps (no longer in production line!)
4. Vox's Valvetronix AD120VTX (another no longer in production line!)
5. Proco Rat & Zoom GFX 8

If any words are unclear, feel free to ask me!
He's just muting the strings with his fretting hand, and strumming with his picking hand.

With a decent crunch on your amp and especially singlecoil pickups you'll get near enough.
Thanks blue_strat!

I haven't know that it's easy like that.
My fernandes has neck & middle single coil pickups but they don't sound like that guy.
Even my favorite tones are many style of crunch, I haven't get any close to that!