Metal Blade’s powerhouse The Red Chord are preparing to release their newest album titled “Fed Through The Teeth Machine” on October 27, 2009! This album will surely please fans and win over new ones!

This message is *****d everywhere. PISS OFF METAL BLADE!
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Metal Blade’s powerhouse

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so true ^.
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The Great Misdirect comes out on the 27th, so that eclipses the Red Chord by far.

Had a friend review the new Red Chord, though, he said it's more metal than their previous releases if that interests anyone in this forum.
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

Look at the thread starter's other posts, he's a walking advertisement
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MoogleRancha is a twat
All you have to do is read the post to tell that. But my curiosity is peaked and I will look at his other things.
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