I'm looking for a steel string with wider spacing than my FS720s. I'm fairly certain the spacing on my fs720s is smaller than most.

I would rather not get a classical nylon, due to the limited fret access compared to a steel string.

I (attempt to) play Antoine Dufour, Craig D'andrea. You know, all those finger style artists from Candy Rat Records.

Do I have any options under $500?
I was looking at some of the seagulls and I might save up for the Maritime mini jumbo.

I was hoping for something that costs a bit less though.
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Seagull. Definitely get a seagull if you want a wider neck (and like the sound of course). I don't know of any other steel string acoustics with wider necks than a Seagull.

I do think that Seagull does make some models under $500, I'm just not sure of the exact model numbers and such; they have the solid top, but laminate backs and sides...still great guitars, especially for the price you pay.
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I played a 400 pound seagull which was lovely. Cedar top, folk model, no electronics or cutaway, lovely full sound. Wide neck too.
They do make the Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo, but in all honestly, that finish just looks awful to me.

I'll look around some more, but I'm quite sure I will end up with the SWS mini jumbo.
The finish may not be your t hing... but I played that today in a shop and was duly impressed. And at $350 bucks, who cares what it looks like.

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The finish may not be your t hing... but I played that today in a shop and was duly impressed. And at $350 bucks, who cares what it looks like.

This is true.

Is it safe to assume that the Entourage has the same scale lengths, specs, etc as the SWS, but they very in finish and woods?
Seagulls have been mentioned a few times. Though I've never played one I am told that they do have wider than normal necks.
If you cant find anything to your liking, an option that hasnt been brought up yet is to buy a 12 string and remove the octave strings.
the yamaha fg720 and 730 do have pretty narrow necks, although not narrower than most - there are plenty of guitars with the same nut width, which didn't work well for me for longer playing. i was uncomfortable playing my fg730s so i returned it and got a seagull original s6. much more comfortable to play, no more cramping fingers or sore elbow from trying to find a better position to come down on the neck.

i suspect that the shape of the neck, radius and angle of the neck or the string spacing might have contributed to my issues, as my beater has an even narrower neck and seems a bit easier to play, although i don't play it for hours at a time.

i found any guitar with a 1 3/4 neck or a bit wider was pretty comfortable. a lot of companies make 1 3/4 necks, and i find they are commonly found on 000s as well as some other guitars.