"The Sound of Maddness" is in fact the best album of all time!!!!
Am I wrong?
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RIP Jimmy Sullivan<3
you are wrong it is good but not the best not even close
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You are indeed, its their poorest album - by far.
Its a good album standalone, but its not even considerable if you have Leave A Whisper or Us & Them.
Check out both of those albums, I prefer Leave A Whisper from track 3 (Lost in the Crowd) onwards
You are wrong. It has some good songs though, dont get me wrong.
I felt like bringing this topic back.

Sound of Madness is good, but Leave a Whisper and Us and Them are better. "What a Shame" and "Call Me" are definitely the best songs on Sound of Madness though, and are better than a lot of songs on Us and Them and Leave a Whisper. But the other songs just aren't that good imo.
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