Okay I have an epi les paul ultra II and recently my A low E and B strrings are buzzing and its not the action which was just set up a short time back. I think its the bridge because when i touch the saddle on the B it kinda moves a little and makes a clicking noise and then for a short time the buzz is gone on that string but then it starts buzzing again in like 5 minutes. None of the other saddles do this but when i take the A string off the saddle is loose. Should I buy a new bridge and if so how would I install it to the same height? is there a lesson or guide anyone knows about thanks soo much cuz this really sucks
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the way those les paul bridges are built is, there are pins that go into slots that hold the strings up, and then they are held down by a paperclip looking piece of metal. i suggest just loosening the string so u can pull it off the bridge and see if u can snap it into place. or else u may have to take it off completely and put it together. if this doesnt work, look at the setup thread up top.
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Remove the strings
Adjust the saddles all the way nack
Apply petroleum jelly lightly to the thread
wind the screws all the way forward and apply a touvh more petroleum jelly to the but you couldn't reach before
roughly re-set the saddles, re-string, tune and set intonation.

If it starts up again soon, invest in a decent bridge.
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