Haste the Day is an incredibly talented Christian Metal group, but they don't get much popularity, as far as people tabbing their music goes.

Can someone take a look at any of their songs that don't have a tab and tab 'em out for me? I'm mostly interested in the following songs, but any song will do if it doesn't already have a tab.

Also, I like Guitar Pro tabs, but I'll be content with any tab format.

Haste the Day - Porcelain
Haste the Day - Epitaph
Haste the Day - Vertigo
Haste the Day - Pressure the Hinges (There are no good versions of this tab yet)
Haste the Day - Who we are
Haste the Day - Outro
Haste the Day - Fallen

So I thank anyone who even bothers to attempt a tab on any of these songs, or any Haste the Day song Any questions, comments, or complains will be welcome, thanks U.G.!