Anyone know where I can purchase a 1/8 in to XLR input cable, Its for recording from a Line 6 Spider Valve 112?
ewww line six
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You can buy XLR cables in EVERY music store. Don't use irrelevant topic titles.

Edit: Or did you mean something to plug it into the computer? In that case, you should buy an external sound card.
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do you have 200 bucks? for a interface with hybrid (XLR and regular jack) inputs.
the only problem ive had with line 6 is the spider III head
it cut off in the middle of my sets every show when i used it and it wouldnt come back on
i hate it ha
I just bought my spider valve a week ago and was looking for a cheap $10 cable.... so no I don't have $200 bucks.

I actually have been looking around music stores online and they don't have what im looking for
If you like your amp screw everyone else - can't help ya' with the cable though - try Google...
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Line 6... Great for beginners. I'd recommend them up and down. I wouldn't use them for professional settings, as I consider them just a practice/home amp that helps you find your own sound.
1/8" to xlr is not gonna happen. Get XLR-1/4" and a 1/4-1/8" adapter at radio shack. It's gonna sound really bad, though. Not because of the amp but because of the sound card. Get a real interface asap.
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Personnaly I'd recommend the spider valve for home an or gigs, just played a show with it and sounded awesome
i bought a spider 3 150 watt HD head and a 4x12 spider 3 half stack(stereo) and i've never had any problems with it.