So I think I have somes viruses on my computer and I'm going to do a full computer scan.

But first can you tell me, does AVG get rid of viruses aswell as detect them? If not, how can I get rid of them?

AVG Talks to the virus and they have a long nice talk about how they can Co-exist.

Yes it will detect it hopefully and remove it.

But you should get Avast Anti-Virus,Less bloated..
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Yes. Duh. That's basically the point of anti-virus programs, if you just want to see whether you have a virus on your PC there are even online scans for that.
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AVG sends all viruses to system32 when you finish scanning, then you find and delete system32 manually to get rid of the virus(es).

ONLY JOKING, Don't delete system32 :-p. AVG gets rid of viruses, but, since it is free, it's not all that and it won't work against the deadlier ones.

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AVG is junk. Make sure you have CCleaner, then check for registry errors and clean up multiple times. Then Defrag your computer, this may take a while.
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