I have had my acoustic for a couple months now,
Been playing around with a couple chords and whatnot.
But I have recently been wanting to get into fingerpicking.
What would be my best approach for doing so?
If there is already a thread on this, I apologize for wasting your time.
I am looking for a pretty decent introduction,
but something that as a get farther into,
will teach me more.

thank you.

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i don't know about seriously learning fingerstyle, but Opeth's Damnation album has some pretty basic fingerpicking stuff you could cut your teeth on

and as a plus, it's nice music.
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Craig D'andrea - In with the purple, out with the blue

It's the first song I learned, and I still love it.
Led Zeppelin's "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" has a pretty basic fingerpicking pattern that you could try to learn.
I recommend GuitarNick. Lots of short, easy songs (with video) to get you started.

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Finger Style... I use an hybrid style, that incorperates picking a bass long, and using the middle and ring finger to play the melody. Very hard to learn, but you start with basic patterns with chords, and some runs. Zakk Wylde often has great country licks in magazines that really help.
There is no such thing as wasting time on a ques.. like that!!! From what i,ve learned ,,,, fingers are numbered ...Or as you may say P.I.M.A= P==thumb....I=index...M=medious ...A=annularis or ring finger...got quest. i,ll help
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I recommend GuitarNick. Lots of short, easy songs (with video) to get you started.


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Check out Giuliani's 120 right hand studies, they all use the same 2 chords, but 120 ways to fingerpick them. It's great for just focusing on your right hand fingers to get you use to moving you fingers, and building speed.


Both amazing to learn. (I'm learning both as we speak )
Spanish Romance, same rhythm through out most of it.
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