Two custom made single coils, neck is alnico 5/2 pole pieces, middle is alnico 3, sounds unreal. The bridge pickup is a seymour duncan alnico 2 stag mag. flamed birch top, mahogany back. paduak/quartered curly maple neck, birds eye maple fretboard. Everything about this guitar with the exception of the top was scrap wood. the mahogany was loaded with kiln cracks, but i just glued the birch over it, so those arent visible. the paduak had checks right down the middle, so i chopped off the sides and made up the missing space with a piece of maple i had laying around. the birds eye board had green mineral streaks, which strangely sanded through during the radiusing of the fretboard. came out to be a snazzy little guitar.

the tone is outrageously fat, the body is over 2'' thick, but very hollowed, weight isnt bad. the neck is fairly thin and flat. nice tight neck pocket fit as always, five way switch, 250k pots, its good stuff.
wow, nice.

I'm not too huge on the single coil mounting rings, and I think it'd look a little better with slightly smaller fret markers, but those are just little details... doesn't stop it from being pretty sexy
****t doooode, thats hot, i want a thinline tele but hate the scratchplate so I love ones without scratchplates :P
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I gotta say, this "guitar" isn't really my cup of tea.

First of all, why would you just leave the wood bare? Since you didn't finish it, the wood will probably rot within about a month. Also, the neck wood is clearly sub-par because it's spalted and thus: inherently weak. It's a miracle that it hasn't snapped by now. Not to mention that this style of body is renowned for it's cheapness (lots of Squiers are made with hollowed out bits to keep costs down), and "thin" tone (hence the name "thinline")

It's great that you took the first step in guitar building, but I think you could use a bit of advice from the forums to help you out on your next build.

In case anyone couldn't tell, all of that was complete bull ****. I love the build man, especially the look of the gold hardware on the uber-glossy finish. Great work
^ for a minute I was like, Dude, shut up. This is Kyle. he knows what he's doing. Then I saw the last bit and just went Nice one Tyler.

Kyle, I love this. Padauk/maple lam looks godly good.
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^ for a minute I was like, Dude, shut up. This is Kyle. he knows what he's doing. Then I saw the last bit and just went Nice one Tyler.

Kyle, I love this. Padauk/maple lam looks godly good.

yeah... only thing is that's not my name
Reverse headstock on a Tele.....that's so METAL!!!!!

Great build..i like it.
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Man! that is a nice looking pile of scraps!!! I hope mine turns out to be as nice. I am contemplating not using a picguard now even though I just bought a nice rosewood ont to match my fretboard...
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Only thing i would change is add block inlays like the old fender basses. but i love the top on that thing. its a lovely tele
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yeah... only thing is that's not my name

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That looks awesome man
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Amazing, Kyle!
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awesome guitar. Love the top on it.
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