My dream guitar for the moment is a Les Paul "goldtop". I am a bit confused on the neck sizes though. I have an agile lp al-3000 with slim taper neck which I like. I have also owned a gibson "The hawk" which had more of a baseball bat type neck. I prefer the slim taper. What's the deal with all the different types (50's & 60's) necks? Does the neck vary with the traditional & standard versions of les pauls? What are the "faded' versions and why are they selling for substantially les than other models? WHY does there have to be soo much variation that it makes my frickin headd spin!
60s refers to a slimmer neck, while a 50s neck is the baseball bat neck. The traditional version is a 50s neck I believe and the standard is 60s mostly. The faded version doesn't have the same electronics/wood quality/finish quality. You can find specifics from gibsons website
the reason for the choice is so that manufactures can sell more the more choice you offer the more money you make. the faded versions are cheaper because they do not get painted they only get a varnish and a protective layer, aswell as using uncovered pickups, basic tuners and having dot inlays instead of trapezoids