Thanks for any advice.

Carry On

What does it take to take another step?
what will the signs read of? Mysterious
words that the muses sing of, can we
understand what we see?

(Electric guitar bass come in here, drums come in about half way through the chorus,
after the "keep you head up" line)
And I'll keep up
Hey I'll keep on
Keep your head up
through the pouring rain
and I'll keep up
so you can keep on!

And keep up with the rising sun
so you can wake up before your done!
so keep on ahead, don't fall down don't
lay down dead, before your heart gives way
in your chest, can you climb the mountain when not at
your best?

So Keep up!
I'll keep up!
Hey, keep your head
in the pouring rain, keep
your heart through the driving pain!
And I'll keep up
so you can keep on!

(Drums, guitar and bass stop with just strings playing)

And I'm not saying that I know the answer,
Will God show us before it's over,
And I'm not trying to run for cover, but oh lord
sometimes it gets colder and I don't know if I'll
find my answer but all I know is that over every
fallen wall, lies another chance to fall.

(Piano and acoustic guitar start again)
So keep up and keep on
And I'll keep up and keep on,
So keep up and keep on
Hey we'll keep up and carry on!