Got offered a 1993 purple Ibanez RG550 for my Epiphone Elitist Standard Plus LP. This is about the hardest trade I've came up to date but it's basically that. Both guitars are top notch quality. Opinions? Should I jump for it? I play about everything but I've always wanted a 80's neon colored guitar(long live the 80's!) so here I am...
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I would keep the Epi elitist. For some, it consider almost as good as a real gibson without the price tag.
I'm not a fan of Ibanez but that's a pretty classic model. Ditch the Epi.
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Your Epi is worth more than the RG. But I would take an RG550 over an Epi Elitist or any Gibson any day of the week. Your Epi is rare though. I say keep it and get a MIJ RG at a later time since they're easy to come by.
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The Epi is actually worth more in terms of monetary value. As a direct trade, it's not worth it. By all means, if you prefer the Ibanez then get it, but you would be better off doing so by selling the Epi and buying the Ibanez outright, keeping the left over money.
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+1 on mr flibble's and jellifish's advice.
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