so ive been wokring on my songs for my band, and here is a couple of them i finally got around to tabbing out. lemme know what you think

anotherone is called "this hatchet in your back"

and yrjs is called "those who wonder arent lost"
In Those Who Wonder Arent Lost, that riff after the intro doesn't transition nicely imo. The riff after the verse doesn't fit style wise with the intro but everything else fits with the riff after the intro so maybe look at a new intro :\

Did not like bars 37 - 38.

I really like 90% of the riffs but a few of the parts just don't fit imo.

P.S This hatchet in your back was solid. It was in your face the entire way (doesn't break with the quick riffs except the breakdown obviously, quite liked it.

Can't really think of anything to crit negatively except i didn't like the very first two bars of synth. I think remove the synth from that very beginning.
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i love the synth bit in the chorus in this hacket, that was really good! sounded really cute.
the song was almost perfect i just really didn't enjoy the breakdown at all, otherwise brilliant.

in the other song the transition between the first two bits didn't work really, nor did the next transition really, although the piano bit is excellent, well done.
thought the breakdown-esque bit and chorus were good. the clean bit following sounded too awkward with all the different note lengths, the triplets sounded bad.
next bit is very good, epic as hell, just the drums are too chaotic to begin with. outro is epic as well, nice work.
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this hatchet in your back

like the intro riff. reminds me of scary kids. i would have prefered it on synth though. didnt like the verses too much. didnt really seem to go anywhere. looove the chorus. i would have gone into a breakdown after the transition. if your band does them. verse 2 p2 guitar riff is amaziiing. breakdown doesnt feel right onguitar pro. but im guessing it would mad live.

those who wonder arent lost

The tempo change was a little wierd. could have been better. didnt like the lead riff that much either. 13 - 22 is amazing. very chiodos. the breakdown also reminds of chiodos actually. the bits after is were good, but they didnt really catch my eye. or ear, whatever.

that is all.
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I only looked at Hatchet. Its a pretty solid song, I love the chorus, mainly the last two bars, great major key feel there. Infact except for some of the fast guitar parts, alot of the song has an up-tempo major feel, which I'm really liking, however Verse 1 Pt1 just plain sucked... I didn't think it had any groove at all, which the rest of the song has in droves. But if you like it thats cool.

Also, I was excited when I saw a section titled Bass Solo was coming up, then ****ing pissed when I got there. Thats not a solo, thats a sorry excuse for a bass interlude if anything XD. Seriously though, a real bass solo would kick ass. Do persue the idea.

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