OK, I am in need of a new guitar, and I am in a mass debate on what guitar to get.
My band plays stuff from Interpol, Black Keys, RHCP, Taking Back Sunday, and other stuff. I am running it through friends' Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp head, and some sort of cab, which gets a nice sound.

I can't decide between a couple of guitars.
Washburn WI-45
Agile AL3000 Thin Tapered
MIM Fender Tele

I have played the tele and liked it, but the shops around here don't have washburns. I've been hearing good stuff from the wi-45 and the al3000 though.

Thoughts & suggestions yo? price range = $600 usd.
I dont play metal
Have you thought about looking into somesort of epiphone hollow body?

I would go for that or somesort of fender strat or tele.
find a used american tele and spend the extra $
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The tele. Uv played it which is more than u can say for the others, so u know its gd =]
i would go for an HSS strat, or at least an HS tele. great versatile rock machines.
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find a used american tele and spend the extra $

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