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Ibanez Destroyer, will take longer, but is higher quality
5 63%
Ibanez ART100, will be able to get quicker, but lower quality
3 38%
Voters: 8.
I really like the look and feel of Explorers, especially the Ibanez Destroyer, but today I played an Ibanez ART100 just to see if I'd like it better than Les Pauls, and it felt great. It's only a $300 guitar, but it was a huge improvement over my current POS. The thing is, I'd be able to get it a lot sooner than I would the Destroyer because that's $700, and I don't have a job. So should I get the ART so that I have a good guitar, or save up even longer and get the Destroyer so I have a great guitar?
It depends how quickly you make money, but I would say wait.
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It depends how quickly you make money, but I would say wait.

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I say the ART100, since you like it and since it would take along time to save up for the destroyer.