I've been looking around for a decent overdrive pedal, and I saw a Lovepedal Kanji 50 for about a hundred pounds.
It seems pretty tempting, but I really have no idea about how good it is.
I'm running a cheap SG through a Peavey Valveking (overdrive isn't great), and I play mostly blues to hard rock.
Does anyway have any idea about the pedal or whether I would be worth buying?
I like it alot, don't have one in my rig currently but I have played it and thought it was great, but im a huge fan of the ocd by fulltone
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Yeah, the OCD is supposed to be really quite good. I don't know about a Boss OD pedal,
I want something really good, to (in a way) replace the OD channel on my amp.
Quote by Anthony1991
Look at the Boss OD pedals, it's cheaper about £50 =]

Could you tell me a bit more about the sound, how versatile is it?
It doesn't have enormous amounts of gain, especially into a clean channel, but the glass knob is a better eq'ing option than most pedals have. It doesn't get muddy when it's all the way down, just warmer, so you have more room to play with there. It is a 'loud' pedal in that most of the good settings require you to have a substantial volume boost. If that's not an issue then go for it.

It completely outclasses the OCD, by the way. The OCD is much thinner and it sounds like you're using a distortion pedal, whereas the Eternity sounds and responds like an overdriven amp, so it meshes much better with your amp's sound.