im looking to get into playing 7 strings and im just seeing if anyone if selling one for a reasonable price.

im looking for a fixed bridge 7 string any sorta spec not to fussed, im looking to spend about £200, i also have a ibanez MTM2 with dimarzio pickups tht i can trade also or combine the 2 for a decent 7 string.

just lemme know what you got n ill concider all guitars.
sorry, that was kind of vague. its a black 7 string ibanez gio with a seymor duncan invader in the bridge. bought it used and have had it for several years. i would let it go for $250 if your interested.
Hi there

I have a Schecter Damien 7 for sale. I had it up for £400 first but am looking for £370 now. I know that's out of your budget and so will not bore you with the detailsunless you think you might be interested! Let me know mate.


not sure what it would cost to ship to the UK from the US but i got a black rg7321. pm me and we can talk