i submitted a tab quite a long time ago called slow dancing in a burning room by john mayer. this tab was supposedly rejected due to the assumption that it was already tabbed numerous times. on the contrary, this piece hasn't been tabbed even once properly, as it is the live version from the artist's dvd. on top of this, the thread i made regarding a formal reason for the rejection was locked. i realize the reasons for a tab rejections, however, none of those reasons can be associated with the original tab that i have made.

please reconsider. and reply as to how i can resubmit my tab and have it re-evaluated properly.
Have you tried PM'ing a mod? I don't know if they can directly help, but at least they might be able to give you the contact info for someone who can help.
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There's bound to be a drummer here that can help you, otherwise check YouTube for tutorial vids.
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^^^See! Told ya so!
i pm'd emad about the issue as he is the one who replied to the locked thread.

i spent like a week perfecting the solo for that tab. it better be accepted.
i made a tab for horse called war machine gun man and stillborn by zakk wylde. I think one made it on and the other two got rejected for some strange reason, they were next to perfect. I cannot remember the reason but there was like 2 tabs for horse called war so that really p***ed me off.
yea the name is the same for this tab, but its a live performance.

so therefore its completely different.

should i rename the tab?

instead of "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" should i put:

"Slow Dancing in a Burning Room (Live)" ?

i guess this would help the moderators differentiate.... am i allowed to put the (live) after a tab name?
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