Well ????

Since i haven't saved up enough for a strat (i'm 16 and dont have a job) should i buy really good pickups like lets say Texas Specials....and put them on my Squier so i can get a more "Strat" sounding guitar....or
save up for like 12454343253453 more years and
get a real strat ???
is it worth it....???

I am a blues rock player.....and i like to have an extra PUNCH....to my guitar....
i really enjoy hearing the guitar scream....as well as....adding percussive hits on muted strings etc.etc.etc....what do you think ???

thank you all....
If you enjoy the way the Squier plays and you have a decent amp, go for it. This kind of question is better suited for the Guitar Gear & Accessories forum, though.
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