check out the band channel on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Araballica

Araballica is a parody band....we initially started singing about topics close to home (Nottingham, UK) but are currently demonstrating black metal characterisitics! (check out the singles About A Girl and parts of Brasserire Girl are damn funny)

at the moment we have only a few uploaded singles, but by the end of the year we hope to get more singles up.

please remember that the band objective is to make you laugh, but constructive criticism of the music will be helpful in the longrun.

If you guys dont get any of the song, dont worry! we are working on a new direction of a comedy that applies to more people than just locals.

that took too much effort to write, so yeah, enjoy
OMFGROFLMOAZOMG! That was funny. I don't think your music needs any help. That was flawless.

If you feel so inclined, can you check out my comedy metal band? Link: Pit O' Bodies
Like punk the way it used to be? Deranged Youth Its like what Warped Tour should be!

Want to hear something mind-blowing? Pit O' Bodies Its like an amateur hypnotist plus the Spanish Inquisition!
all your stuff made me lol.

the world needs more of you stuff, you say your making new videos and i want to see at least 4 more!

heres a tip: keep making the funny stuff, but make sure you record a few 'classified' singles that are more serious, because you guys really do have some talent. just have a look at the other parody bands on U-G, they just sound like FAILED metal bands. BUT dont get serious until you have a good fan base. whats the point going out and buying equipment if you dont think you can go anywhere?

thanks you guys. i checked out your stuff pitobodies its not bad. lol humzah that video is exactly what we try to go for.

hellmaker, seems like you really liked our songs. yeah, the serious part is a bit of a dilemma atm. not really sure if we want to be anywhere, we really just want to make people laugh.
dont worry, once you guys decide grow some balls and record a song not intended to be funny but to ROCK HARD you will see that there is talent there, the guitarist seems good and the high pitched screams in Naughty But Nice Too and near the end of Brasserie girl are very good. have you considered singing lessons? its hard to judge seeing as there is no proper vocals in your songs (is this on purpose? are you embarrassed by your singing?) but ill take a guess and say the vocalist is not too bad. guitarist doesnt need any work but he does seem out of time at some points. there doesnt seem to be any permanent drums, having one would really help you sound better.

on a different note, on your facebook profile it says there are 3 members, but there are only two in the videos. is the other camera shy or just the cameraman? i can only hear 2 members (unless you have two vocalists which dont play any instruments, which is really stupid)

rock hard arabs
sorry about these massive posts, but it seems you guys are kind of reluctant because you dont UNDERSTAND THE TALENT!!! how many views/fans would you need before you realise? 5,000? 10,000? look at http://www.myspace.com/thebuttholeexperiment these guys are funny as hell, but you have more musical talent. is that the direction you want to go to? i hope not, because comedy bands dont usually get as big as other stuff. go for having an album with 10 songs, 7 being funny 3 being comical or try SOAD and just make your whole band a piss take BUT sound good. because truth be said without the video your songs are not funny, so who are you kidding? try making a song that is funny without a video (its a lot easier than it sounds, especially for you guys) first step.....HAVE MORE LYRICS and ADD A MELODY, you can still use your funny genre changes but try to add melodies. the parodies like the lady gaga thing are good, but then unfortunately you wont be alternate metal. think carefully guys
i made this UG account JUST because i saw this thread. hellmaker, ok they are good but dont you think your pushing them a bit much? i agree with you, we cant decide on their music capabilities very much because of the lack of actual music. im sure some guys will back me up when i say this but as it stands araballica seems like a joke of a band, as in theyre not real, they dont want to be real. if thats the case araballica stop trying to promote your band, your just using up space that other bands want to use. if not, then come up with some material, write some real songs and work on them for a few months, and when you think you sound good get down to a recording studio.

everything was meant in a friendly way
thanks for your interest hellmaker, i would prefer to pm you as this thread is intended for opinions on our songs.

COBrules we do have interest in a future, and this promotion is to see how many people like our stuff so far. theres no point making loads of songs when noone likes them, is there?

does anyone else have an opinion, dont worry, if you dont like them just say becuase we need all the opinions we can get.
haha great stuff guys, i loved the videos. Thats some pretty good editing right there. I can see some places where the filming could be a bit better, sometimes the camera seemed really shakey.

How long till the next ?
thanks Jaff18, yeah we're working on that. we've found a potential camerman and tech guy to make the quality a whole lot better. we're working on our new song as we speak, and to please hellmaker and prove COBrules that we have talent there will be more actual singing and guitar solos.

niels, a birdfobia? what do you do if you see a pigeon on the street?? would you mind if we did a song where one of us is dressed as a bird :P