Here we have a flame maple Alvarez dred. The back sides look to be of solid flame maple with a solid spruce top. The fretboard has snowflake inlays. It comes in this beautiful honeyburst finish. The condition is very good with a minor ding here and there. Hardshell case is included. *Note the guy i had bought this guitar off of a few years back claimed to be the original owner of this guitar and said it was a custom guitar built by Mr. Yairi himself. I know the truss rod cover does say custom but I can't validate this claim for sure. I can say though that the sound of this guitar is out standing!

Pics below:
Sorry forgot to post the asking price, I am looking to get $500 shipped to anywhere in the continental USA.
interested in a yamaha apx series guitar? I'm looking to do a straight trade with someone for a different sounding guitar, I've had this one for a while and am looking for a different flavor.
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Sorry....I'm only looking to sell the guitar. I want to take the cash and put it towards some recording gear I have bought and need to finish paying off and towards finishing college. Thanks though and g'luck with your trade!
Bump for a beautiful looking and SOUNDING dred. You can make an offer as well as long as its a fair offer.
Well i figured I'd give it one last price cut, so its now $450 shipped to anywhere in the continental USA......I plan to put part of the money towards my recording gear, but unfortunately after fri night one of my friends from high school/fire dept that I am in, committed suicide so I'd like to donate some of the cash to the family to help pay some of the funeral costs.

Midweek bump for an Awesome Made in Japan dred.....beautiful sounding as well as playing guitar!
:/ i wish i had 400 for this.
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Sorry bro I hear you on the cash situation, if you do feel interested though the payment plan option is cool with me as long as we both agree upon it.....thanks though and Happy Holidays!!
Bump for a new lower price, $430 shipped to anywhere in the continental USA....Great price for a great acoustic!
Well I had a few people interested and then havent heard back from them or they backed out which seems to happen alot with people on here so I am giving this guitar one last push as its getting tiring answering people back to find out they can't let you know they aren't interested anymore or are just wasting my time. Sorry if this sounds harsh but it really does get discouraging once you find someone that shows interest in purchasing the guitar and then never emails you back after you answer their questions or take more pics for them. To all those that gave some legit interest in this guitar, I thank you and wish you Happy Holidays! =)
I'll give you a bump, but seriously... Let it go. You're not gonna sell it on here, you've bumped this thread like 15 times. Take the hint my friend, take the hint.
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I'll give you a bump, but seriously... Let it go. You're not gonna sell it on here, you've bumped this thread like 15 times. Take the hint my friend, take the hint.

Sorry to disagree with you cause I have had people interested quite a bit. Plus in my opinion a made in Japan acoustic is definitely better quality than alot of the chinese acoustics that are selling for about the same price I am asking for. Thanks for the input though and thanks for the bump. I actually already had a buyer interested but they backed out due to a family illness.
Last Bump trying to get her sold. The price is fair in my opinion and the guitar is in great shape!! Someone take this girl home so she gets some play time in.