Up for sale is my Tacoma made in the USA all Koa Ekk19-c. This acoustic has solid koa sides, back, top and a mahogany neck. The binding is tortoise shell and this guitar does have a Fishman matrix endpin electronics. This kept the guitar from having that ugly eye soar known as the barn door, on this beauty. I'm asking $1800. The sound of this acoustic is wonderful. Plenty of bass with plenty of treble minus the too much tingy sound some people complain that taylors have. Honestly its a great playing/beautiful looking guitar. I AM ACCEPTING OFFERS AS WELL!! This gives the potential buyer the option to offer what they think the guitar is worth.

*Also note while looking over the guitar I noticed a little bit of finish bubbling near the tortoise shell binding on the one side. I will try and get pics of it. Its not a huge blemish but I want to keep everything honest and open. Its about the size of a dime.

Pics are below.....


Thanks for looking!! =)
Beginning of the week bump....mostly testing the water to see if anyone is interested in this guitar. Its made with Beautiful curly Koa wood which is hard to come by now a days with this type of figuring to the wood. I am entertaining OFFERS though.
Still testing the waters......I'm entertaining offers if anyone is interested. Its beautiful koa which isn't well abundant like it use to be.
Well i figured I'd give it one last price cut, so its now $1700 shipped to anywhere in the continental USA of make offers!......I plan to put part of the money towards my recording gear, but unfortunately after fri night one of my friends from high school/fire dept that I am in, committed suicide so I'd like to donate some of the cash to the family to help pay some of the funeral costs.

Still testing the waters for this beauty. She plays great, is just about mint with little play time on her and PLENTY of life left in the frets. She is all solid Flame Koa wood and is USA made. This Tacoma is Pre-Fender. Once Fender took over the Tacoma name, they didn't do Tacoma guitars justice. Comes with original custom Tacoma Hardshell case which is in good condition.
Lowered price to $1300 shipped.......this girl can sure play well and has an amazing sound! Also note the beautiful flame of the KOA wood used on this baby.
bump for a beautiful sounding and playing made in usa tacoma. Fender really screwed this brand name up when they took them over.......a shame = /
Free bump for the sexiest guitar I've seen in a while. Sadly, I have no funds to be splashing on an acoustic right now.
Quote by willT08
Free bump for the sexiest guitar I've seen in a while. Sadly, I have no funds to be splashing on an acoustic right now.

SExiest guitar is right!! This baby is beautiful and sounds just as good as she looks. i love koa wood and since it becoming harder to find nice flamed koa, this guitar will surely go up in value someday soon.
push to get this guitar sold and with a bunch of people interested...maybe they will pull the trigger for this beauty
Well I had a few people interested and then havent heard back from them or they backed out which seems to happen alot with people on here so I am giving this guitar one last push as its getting tiring answering people back to find out they can't let you know they aren't interested anymore or are just wasting my time. Sorry if this sounds harsh but it really does get discouraging once you find someone that shows interest in purchasing the guitar and then never emails you back after you answer their questions or take more pics for them. To all those that gave some legit interest in this guitar, I thank you and wish you Happy Holidays! =)
Last push to anyone interested in this Flame Koa acoustic. The sound is awesome, the feel is great, and the flame on the koa is beautiful!
Hi I realise I'm a year and half late but you don't still have this guitar do you? Cheers