I just replaced the bridge pickup in my Ibanez (with a Duncan Distortion), and I am wondering what I should use for my neck pickup. I have 2 choices:

Duncan Jazz (SH-2)
DiMarzio Evo

Any help would be appreciated.

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what is your amp?

The jazz pup is one the least favorite pups in my list because it's sterile and very flat toned.
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Depends on what tone you are looking for.
Having myself an Evo in the neck ( and never played a Duncan Jazz ), I can say that it isn't really a far/warm pickup, it is crystal clear and well defined pickup, which is really nitpicky, about your technique. As long as you have perfect technique, it will sound wonderful, but, if you are more of a sloppy player, it will reveal all your mistakes. And it has a certain Vai vibe to it as well.
Hm. I guess I won't go with the Evo, since I need something warm, to balance out the SD. Would the Duncan '59 be any good?
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