I've had my squier Frank Bello jazz bass for almost 2 years now.
Like 2 weeks ago my G string starts buzzing around the headstock/tuning pegs when i play the 5th fret. Now the open A,D, and G strings, and frets 4-9 buzz on the G all still buzz in the headstock area.
I'm Thinking of taking it in for a repair because I can't seem to figure out what is wrong.
Everything on my bass is what the factory version I bought has (strings are 2 months old)

Also string height has never been a problem.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.
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It could be just normal wear and tear that brought about a buzz. Your bass might need a very minor truss rod tweak. It is also possible that the offending string has sunken a bit deeper into the nut, or that one of your frets has risen out of the fret slot a bit. Have a qualified tech look at it. If he or she suggests anything major, have someone else look at it and see if they concur before you do anything.