I've been playing on and off for a year or something. I just got a Vox Da5 to quench my effect thirsts for a while( AND get rid of that darn Fender 15G Frontman )

1. I have a Fender Squire Strat made in china . I just cleaned it and stuck some Ernie ball strings on there, but will be switching back to D'Addario cause of my chronic palm sweat. I burn through the D'Addarios alot slower. I also got a 12 ft monster cable and i'm hopin that would last me a while (unlike the last wire ). I'm happy with my set up so far. Really good for a beginner.

2. Problems: I got a bad buzzing sound (NOT fret buzz) and I'm pretty sure its the guitar. Sometimes the sound volume clicks high and low when i play. Example: I pick the good ol' high E string and it sounds like its switching from background to solo in little random clicks.

I'm thinking that my pickups are messed up? screws are loose? Are there any simple full body maintenance tricks/guides that would let me tighten up everything?

Help Please! I Thank You For You Time.
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I'd open 'er up and take a look at the wiring. Re-solder any loose connections (or bare connections, as it could be shorting out). If that doesn't help it could be a cable problem or amp problem. Try changing the cable and see if anything changes. Still nothing? Check amp connections.

EDIT: Although this probably isn't the problem judging by what you've told me, but it could be a problem with the pups. If so don't try to open them up since some, like EMGs, are designed to break when opened to prevent somebody from recreating them.
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I don't have a soldering iron and I REALLY don't want to mess up my only guitar. I'm a beginner and it's my baby cause I love the rosewood neck feel.

Is there any simple ways to upgrade it? Like new pickups, better bridge, etc. Is upgrading even viable for a beginner's guitar like the Fender Squire Strat?

Keep The Answers Coming Guys. Thanks.